A, B, *dash, D, E, *dash*, G, *dash*, I, *dash* *dash*… I looked at the question paper in front of me sweating, my eyes already teary. “What were the letters again? Think! Think!” But the letters wouldn’t come. After filling in C and H, the alphabet was done for me. My mind was blank. My... Continue Reading →

Ineffaceable Inamorata

As I leave my home, I quickly identify the taxi I ordered from one of those snazzy apps waiting for me. I prefer riding shot gun when I’m alone so I casually slide into the co-driver’s seat of the taxi. I fasten my seatbelt and exchange quick pleasantries with Greg*, my driver for the day.... Continue Reading →

Parental Guidance

Do you have those days when you wake up and you’re just looking for feels? You want to watch or read something that will tug at your heartstrings and pierce through your deepest emotions. Remind you of your humanity. That’s me, ever so often. My guilty pleasure is sad movies which star a kid as... Continue Reading →


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